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Profile CZECH DOG Ltd.

The company was founded as a family company in May 2005, which took over production program Belgo-Czech   Czech-o-dog Ltd., which operated in the Czech Republic since 1992.

The production company is so far from more than 95% of exports, particularly in Belgium, France, Germany and Italy.

Our company offers a wide selection of quality products, textile and leather. Textile production is focused in particular on products of cotton and cord for basic assortment of pillows, bags for dogs and cats. The assortment of complementary products, fleece, terry and other materials according to customer's request. Most of the material is domestic, where the production. Respond to market demands, monitor trends in fashion for the animals, the health aspects for the breeding of dogs, cats and ferrets. The quality of production regularly verify the cooperating farmer, who assessed the functionality of products as well as the way of maintenance, durability, impact on the quality of processing properties product.

Products include the manufacture of leather collars, guides, harnesses especially for smaller breeds.

The production is in particular the quality of processing and material compliance with quality standards. In 2007, the company has fulfilled the conditions to ISO 9001:2000.

The company is completing the reconstruction of their premises, which were destroyed by fire at the end of 2004 so as to meet the needs of production and logistics.

Deliveries of goods provide a container truck traffic from our manufacturing plant to customers. The carriage use certified carrier.